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Posted on 4th December, 2012

Competition wins,

and a first smartphone.


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Discussing my 'Faith Through A Lens' competition entry with Don McCullinI'm over the moon at the moment, as I was one of the three category winners in a competition called Faith Through A Lens (FTaL), run by Congregational And General Insurance. My winning image was taken in Northampton, of a homeless person being offered food and drink by a volunteer. This fitted into the category called 'A Year of Service', which is a Government initiative to champion community volunteering efforts during 2012. It was fitting therefore, that I was awarded my prize by Baroness Warsi, Minister of State for Faith & Communities.


On the day though, the jewel in the crown for me was meeting world-renowned photographer Don McCullin, one of my all-time heroes. As I managed a placing in the same competition 2 years ago, this was my second meeting with Don, but no less momentous. He's had ten life-times worth of experiences, yet he's so humble and honourable, and an example of humanity that many other pro's could do with following. A real inspiration, and a memorable day indeed. Incidentally, and very strangely (to me at least), Don told me that he's off to the Syrian warzone about now for another commission. I wish him a successful time away: mostly though, I look forward to hearing that he's back in Blighty safe and well.


Something else of great satisfaction re FTaL though, is the fact that the charity I was working with when I took the image, will benefit equally from the win. That charity is Reach Out Ecumenical Outreach Team, a part of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, and I'm sure their prize will help them do even greater things for the community.


And one final thing re FTaL: my intended project re Northampton charities is still lacking focus at the moment. Therefore, if this win opens up certain hoped-for doors for me in the town, and thus helps me crystalise the direction of the project, I won't be complaining!


I'm pleased to say that the FTaL result followed on from another success I managed recently. In that case, I achieved a runner-up placing in the New Lives And Dreams comp run by COMPAS, a part of Oxford University. So, when taken with my success in the Capture Waltham Forest competition in the 'summer', it's been a year of good progress photo-wise. How do I follow that I wonder?


Nothing to do with comps (I think) is the fact that I've recently bought my first smartphone, and the reason is that I want to carry a 'camera' with me at all times. So why not get a decent small compact you might ask? Well, another major requirement is to be able to rapidly post an image I capture to (eg) Twitter. Or, more hopefully, to rapidly post a scoop image to the picture editor of a major publication. After all, I might have managed a few decent comp results this year, but I'm still looking for my 15 minutes of fame!


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