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Posted on 5th October, 2013


homeless in Northampton, but on his way back.


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Darren, homeless in Northampton, but on his way back.This is Darren. He was renting a property in Northampton, but gradually became less and less able to afford to stay there. Pressure mounted from his parents, who accused him of not doing enough to cope with the situation. In that respect though, they unfortunately failed to take into account the difficulties Darren faced as a result of his suffering from epilepsy. He felt more and more pressure therefore, and he turned to drink. The inevitable eviction eventually came, and Darren was mixing street 'life', and sofa-surfing with friends, for 2 months.


Luckily, NAASH found him a bed relatively quickly, for 6 months. In September 2009, they then placed Darren into a supported shelter, along with 8 others in a similar situation. However, although his drinking had reduced significantly, he felt he was not receiving enough support. He therefore moved out in August 2012. Friends helped him out again by finding him a bed in the property they were renting, but difficulties with his landlady made that arrangement untenable. He felt he had no alternative but to move out of there also, and the heavy drinking returned of course.


Friends encouraged Darren to attend Street Church, and from that link he was in turn encouraged to give NAASH another try. By this time, their new shelter Oasis House was up and running. They were thus able to find Darren a room from the start of July 2013, and he's now relatively settled, the boozing is again under control, and his confidence is building. Let's hope things continue that way, and Darren copes with the inevitable ups and downs to stay the course this time.


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