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Posted on 15th April, 2013

Homeless Barry, from Northampton,

who's working hard to get his life straight again.


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Homeless Barry, from Northampton, who's working hard to get his life straight again.This is Barry, homeless in Northampton, who's found that there are 'friends' in life, and that there are true friends.


In the late 2000's, his wife left him for another man, causing him acute depression. His financial situation became equally acute, so Barry allowed friends to share the house, thus helping with the rent. Although he knows he shouldn't have done this, Barry felt that his lack of money forced his hand. Supposedly returning the compliment, these 'friends' introduced Barry to heroin, adding to his existing difficulties with alcohol. Rubbing further salt into the wound, these individuals were unruly, and trashed the house. As a result, Barry was taken to court by the housing association, and was thrown out of his home in 2009.


Barry was on the street for a month. In typical homeless fashion though, a genuine friend, Stig, allowed him to sofa-surf for a while. (Stig will be the subject of a later case study). Help from Stig also enabled Barry to get accomodation in the previous Oasis House shelter. From there, Barry moved to a similar organisation, the Mayday Trust, who are now trying to get him a place of his own.


Barry is committed to getting back to a decent life, and gratefully acknowledges all the help he's received towards that aim. He reciprocates by involving himself with determined enthusiasm in schemes that are offerred to improve his lot. He's been weaned 99% off heroin and other drugs by his doctor, and is accepting support from AA clinics and the Salvation Army regarding alcohol dependency. In fact, he's seriously considering a residential alcohol reduction programme, to finally kick that dependency. A recent indication of the progress he's made generally, was being able to attend the wedding of his sister, something he couldn't possibly have coped with a short while back.


Barry is finding the road tough, but he will get there. 'Life's got to better than this' he says, knowing that his perseverance will make it so, one day.


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