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Posted on 15th March, 2013

Julia (nickname Rosser),

a Northampton-homeless success story.


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Julia (nickname Rosser), a Northampton-homeless success story.This Is Julia, nickname Rosser. Julia became homeless just as the winter of 2009/10 approached, when a violent relationship ended. She had no local relatives, and those in distant towns and cities hadn't the means to provide her with accomodation. As a result, she followed the common path of sleeping rough in a Northampton park, but sofa-surfing when at all possible.


Two extra disasters then took Julia's 'life' to it's lowest level: both a direct result of having no fixed abode, and the resultant 'lifestyle'. Firstly, she lost her job of 15 years as a care assistant for the elderly. Secondly, she became alcohol-dependent.


On weekdays however, Julia obtained survival support from the Hope Centre. At weekends, it was Street Church that Julia looked to for sustenance. In September 2010, she was lucky enough to be admitted to the NAASH shelter, and they helped her get a flat of her own in February 2011.


Continuing with their involvement, the Hope Centre enrolled Julia on courses to improve her personal outlook, and, work prospects. Eventually, in September 2012, they were able to place her in a catering job. This has progressed to the point where Julia is now actually training others in those skills. A further major benefit of Julia's improved situation is that she's now able to drink socially, with absolutely no fear of slipping back into dependency.


Although Julia is now on the road back to a better life, she doesn't take anything for granted, still taking just one day at a time. Her philosophy of 'never give up' however, will undoubtedly see her through.


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