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Posted on 8th October, 2012

My intended project re Northampton disadvantaged,

disabled and homeless groups.


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Councillor Ifty Choudary, Northampton Mayor Roger Conroy and Mayoress Jenny Conroy at Brookside Hall, Lings.I've been informally taking pics of disadvantaged, disabled, and homeless people in the Northampton area for a month or more now, in an attempt to formulate a clear plan re the project I'm hoping to start soon. My experience with these people, who've got real problems in their lives, obviously puts my own 'comfortable' world into perspective a little. Not that I should need a reality-check I'm telling myself, considering the poverty etc I've witnessed in India for instance. However, it's always good to have a reminder now and again, even though it makes it more difficult to understand why I'm feeling pee'd off at the moment.


Well, I am feeling pee'd off, and for several reasons.


Firstly, because I can't get that plan for the project clear in my own mind. There are two things which I think are critical to ensure that the project has value, but neither is guaranteed: one is to get publicity for it, and the other is to capture what I feel is a 'success' story. By 'success' I mean that one (at least) of the featured individuals needs to achieve some aim. As examples, for a homeless person that aim could be to get their own living space: for a disadvantaged youth, that might be to learn to box and win a tournament. Unfortunately, I'm feeling at the moment that if I'm going to get going at all, I may have to run with the project for a while not knowing it's destination.


Secondly, I dread the onset of the freezing cold, dark and wet winter. Not that it's been bad even by British standards so far, yet I've already had a miserable cold for over a week now. I often wonder how the homeless people actually cope with such foul weather, although I know I won't have to wonder for much longer. That's because I'll be accompanying an Outreach group on one of their regular overnight support ventures shortly. Although I've been out with one group already, I was so cold myself that I had to call it a day well before the night was through. Not next time though: I'll be well-prepared clothes-wise (I hope).


Finally, my favourite Tokina 12-24 lens appears to be on it's last legs. Originally, it was failing immediately prior to exposing a shot, meaning that the image was never stored on the CF card. After repair, it worked OK 99% of the time, but very occasionally failed immediately after exposure. No real problem with that, as I was never into the idea of shooting 5 frames a second (or whatever my 400D & 40D are capable of). Lately however, the lens has been failing often, and, sometimes immediately after switching the camera on.


But, having said that I'm into one of my 'downer' moods lately, things are looking up I think. I attended the Bedford Beer Festival last Friday, getting through several pints of really nice stout, and the Milton Keynes Beer Festival follows shortly. (Yes, there is one decent thing about the town of Milton Keynes. This is despite the beerfest being held at Buszy, a white-elephant memorial to the car-worshippers who did all they could to deter public-transport when they threw the town together in the 1960's). I discovered very recently that Brodie's Hackney Red won the best of the festival last year, but I can't recall seeing it at the King William IV brewery tap in Leyton so far. Eyes to be peeled me thinks.


And despite what I say above about my intended project direction being unclear, I hope that soundings I've had with relevant contacts just might bear fruit during October. Ears to be peeled me thinks.


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