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Posted on 22nd November, 2011

Where to get a Tokina lens repair carried out

in the UK.


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I've just had my Tokina 12-24mm F4 AT-X Pro DX lens repaired. Although this was via the UK distributor Kenro, I did intially meet resistance getting them to take the work on (because the lens had been imported into the UK via the previous distributor, not themselves). Anyway, thanks to the very helpful Rob Selvey of Amateur Photographer magazine, that stumbling block was overcome. Before AP smoothed the way though, I searched the internet looking for a suitable repairer, and drew a blank. I hope this blog entry helps you out therefore.


Anyway, what it boils down to is that Kenro contracted the work out. So, just in case you have any difficulty getting them to repair your lens (because you have a grey import, or it's out of warranty for instance), you may want to try the company that did mine on behalf of Kenro:

P J Camera Repairs Ltd

10B Watlands View





01782 711990

(BTW, that is ten B, not 108 Watlands View)


Incidentally, you may be interested to know that most of the images in my gallery were taken with the Tokina 12-24 lens, so please click here to have a look at a few whilst you're on my website.


Finally, you may also be interested to know that I had to replace the lens hood / shade on my Tokina 12-24, because I lost the original. Please click here to see the blog entry that tells you my experiences.


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