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Posted on 20th November, 2011

Replacement hood / shade

for the Tokina 12-24 f4 AT-X Pro lens.


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I love my Tokina 12-24 f4 AT-X Pro, even though it's internal electronics have failed me once (in 4 years of use). Luckily, a decent repair was carried out by P J Camera Repairs Ltd, of Newcastle under Lyme ( (Please click here to see the blog entry that gives you fuller details).


Unfortunately though, I've managed to lose my original hood / shade, which leaves the front element a bit exposed. I'm a bit wary of fitting a skylight or UV filter to the lens, as it's so wide-angle that the filter would have to be of the absolute highest quality (ie highest price), and wafer-thin. As a 'substitute' therefore, the original BH 777 lens hood / shade provided a small amount of protection from damage, as well as from stray light. Losing it has really bugged me. And I'm not alone in that respect: the original hood / shade is an easy-attach bayonet fitting, but unfortunately, has detached itself far too easily from lenses owned by plenty of others, according to web comments I've seen.


Anyway, looking at the prices on ebay, I could get an original Tokina hood / shade for prices varying from a steep £17 to a ridiculous £35. However, on recently, there was a 77mm petal-type wide-angle hood / shade for just £5.66 incl postage, from a company called Digital Additions Ltd. (See, or search Amazon for B004H15NXM). I decided to give it a try.


Now, at £5.66 I wasn't expecting perfection, and I didn't get it. There were 3 niggles, as follows:

1. The hood / shade was minutely visible in the image when the lens was at its widest zoom setting (12mm), even at f4. I didn't check f22, but it is reasonable to assume it was more visible at that setting.

2. You need to take care when screwing the hood / shade into the front of the lens. This is because the threads on both the hood / shade and the Tokina are plastic, so could get crossed.

3. The inside surface of the hood / shade is a lustre finish, rather than the necessary matt.


None of the above was a real problem.

1. I rubbed the inside of the hood / shade with sandpaper, to dull it down.

2. I don't attach and detach the hood / shade every few minutes, so it's no big deal having to take care when putting it on. And anyway, there's a benefit from both threads being plastic, as there's enough friction between them to keep the hood / shade attached until you personally decide to remove it: there's no way it's going to unscrew on its own.

3. I cut off a few millimetres of thread with a sharp knife (followed by sanding). This brought the hood / shade closer to the front of the lens, and, therefore, it isn't visible in the image any more. What this meant though, was that there's insufficient thread left to continue to use the locking collar. Even so, I found this no problem whatsoever, as the friction between the threads (mentioned above) holds the hood / shade in its correct position without the collar being needed. (I believe that there are actually 2 totally-opposite points on the thread where you can start to screw it into the lens, so if you can't get the hood / shade positioned correctly at first, remove it, spin it round 180 degrees, then try again. And if that doesn't work, just cut / sand off a bit more thread).


So, I'm totally satisfied with my lens hood / shade. I expected to have to do some work on it to make it just right, but those things were nothing. When you consider the price of the original, my replacement is a good product at a sensible price.


Incidentally, you may be interested to know that most of the images in my gallery were taken with the Tokina 12-24 lens, so please click here to have a look at a few whilst you're on my website.


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